We don’t know about you, but we love a good curry.

We love anything spicy and in a good sauce honestly, and Indian food is probably one of my favourites out there.


Well, it’s warm and wholesome, and there’s something so comforting about it, like no matter where you are, you know you can find an Indian restaurant nearby, sit down with a nice garam masala or chicken vindaloo, and just unwind, with friends or alone.

Thankfully here in Malta, we have a wide variety of different Indian restaurants, especially in the more central part of the island, so there’s no lack of options.

Here are our top five best Indian restaurants in central Malta:

Indian food

1. Emperor of India, St Julians

One of the best places to eat Indian food in Malta in general, Emperor of India is well known for their excellent food, outstanding service and warm atmosphere.

The oldest Indian restaurant on the island and located in Paceville, there is little not to love about this dining experience.

The kitchen serves traditional Northern Indian and Punjabi family recipes passed down through generations and boast a fusion of traditional, purposely imported ingredients and local produce.

Despite this, however, dishes are reasonably priced, so no need to break the bank with this one!

They also serve a variety of vegetarian options for those so inclined, making it an ideal place to share a meal with anyone, no matter what their dietary preferences.

Emperor of India Malta

2. La Mere, Valletta

Found on the beautiful Merchant’s Street in Valletta, this little restaurant is truly indulgent to the senses.

This restaurant is home to not only the exciting culinary experience La Mere but also it’s sister restaurant, Tuk Tuk, the originators South Indian take away service.

Bookings are welcome, as the restaurant is small but not uncomfortable, and it is best suited for smaller groups.

The food is exceptional “bursting with aromatic spices and brought to you with a contemporary twist”, both Tuk Tuk and La Mere promise a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

Both vegan and vegetarian options are readily available and helpfully marked on the menu, as well as gluten-free and lactose-free options.

The packaging from Tuk Tuk delivery meals is eco-friendly to ensure a positive experience all around.

La Mere Valletta

3. House of Spice, Bugibba

This Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi fusion house located in heart of Bugibba offers a multitude of options which are all reasonably priced.

Known for its excellent food and exceptional service, House of Spice owners started out serving food in the UK before moving down to Malta to start afresh.

The menu is quite vast, offering dishes as mild, medium or hot according to the preference of the patron.

Another interesting point is that they also offer a children’s menu, with Indian dishes modified to suit younger eaters, making it a great option for family nights out, or for eating out with friends with children.

House of Spice Bugibba

4. Saffron, St Julians

Another option found in Paceville, Saffron is named after the popular Indian spice.

It is a comfortable restaurant with good service and a number of options to suit any guest.

The food is decently priced, and each option is marked with a heat indicator, to let you know which foods are the spiciest.

Owner and chef Sudip’s career has spanned many years, and the kitchen staff is completely Indian, offering patrons a truly authentic experience of what the country has to offer with regards to all things culinary.

This restaurant also offers many take away options allowing you to enjoy their excellent food from the comfort of your own home.

Saffron St Julian's Malta

5. New Madras, San Pawl il-Bahar

Owner and chef Muthuraman (Muthu to his friends) has been cooking across India since the early eighties and has not slowed down since.

Working his way across India starting from the south, he gradually built a name for himself, even landing himself a coveted spot in one of India’s most famous hotels.

After a career as one of the chefs for the United Arab Emirates, he found himself in Malta and decided to try his hand at his own restaurant.

Here enters New Madras, a collection of all this travelling chef has learned across his extensive career.

The menu is vast, including a section of vegetarian meals, as well as reasonably priced.

The service is touted as excellent from its numerous patrons and the restaurant is comfortable and spacious.

New Madras Malta

So there you have it!

From north to south, single style or fusion, there are numerous different and exciting Indian restaurants out there, so what are you waiting for?

Let’s eat!

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