Who doesn’t love Pizza? It’s understandable that you are looking for the best pizza in Malta.

The dish that comes just north of Malta, Italy. You can understand why Malta is popular for scrumptious and mouth-watering pizzerias.

Pizzerias offering in Malta range from local pizzerias to international franchises to fast food pizzerias.

In each Town, Village or City you will find at least one but which are the right pizzerias for you?

Some prefer quality, some prefer any pizza if the price is right and others prefer the convenience and want a pizzeria in their area.

This article is for you who wants to make sure that they choose the right pizzeria, the right quality, the right price at the right convenient time.

Hold tight, for some places renowned for providing some of the best Pizza in Malta.

Pizzerias in the North of Malta

La Nave Bistro

Image Source: La Nave Bistro

La Nave is found in the National Aquarium in Bugibba. The bistro offers one of the best pizza in Malta up in the North.

Being situated in the National Aquarium, customers are liable to beautiful views and breathtaking environment. Might as well you go round while you are there!

The bistro also specializes in-house desserts which makes the after taste of the pizza more mouthwatering.

La Nave Bistro also takes bookings for large groups which makes it even a more perfect destination for you and your friends or family.

If you are looking for a pizza straight out of the oven and a proper dessert in Bugibba, Click Here to book a table at La Nave Bistro for a good experience that you deserve.

Gillieru Restaurant

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Gillieru Restaurant is in the popular St. Paul’s bay and it offers a unique experience when compared with the others.

Enjoy pizza dishes in the spectacular sea views of Il- Gillieru. The restaurant accepts both customers who are looking for a quick dine or one which is so sumptous.

Either way, you are in a treat and some relaxing which you definitely deserve. Ideal for business lunches during the week and family late dinner at the weekend.

One of the best pizza in Malta that hits high standards and the staff is friendly, which makes it right for the name of the restaurant which is also a 3-star hotel owner.

Since being part of a hotel, you need to book for a table in the restaurant. It only takes 1 minute and it’s definitely worth it.

And if you feel full after dinner? Then you can easily go for a walk around St. Paul’s Bay at the beautiful promenade minutes away.

Click Here to book now


Image Source: MyGuideMalta

Imagine you finished shopping at Tigne Point and you are hungry and craving one of the best pizza in Malta to feed yourself after a tiring day of shopping.

Well, we’ve got the answer. CIBO Pizzeria. The pizzeria is run to give the ultimate best to run the restaurant in the style of Osteria, Italy for families.

Customers can make use of the Tigne parking at a fee if frustrated to find one in Sliema. The environment is quite modern which fits with Tigne architecture.

The pizzeria also offers a fine list of Italian wines to complement your enjoyment of their delicious Italian Pizza.

Apart from the Italian wine, they offer a vast selection of wine from other countries such as New Zealand, France, and Maltese.

In a nutshell, CIBO offers you parking, a traditional list of wine, and a menu of pizza which will make your day even more perfect.


Image Source: Bugibba Malta

Tal-Pjazza is found in the heart of the Bugibba plaza. It’s restaurant emphasise on producing fresh ingredients on the day.

Together with the delicious pizza that leaves your mouth open for more, Tal-Pjazza also offers tasty and classic cocktails.

What makes tal-Pjazza famous with families is the designated games room for kids.

So if you are looking for one of the best pizza in Malta, click here to book now!

Pizzerias in the Centre and South of Malta

Vecchia Napoli

Image Source: Neonglow

Vecchia Napoli is found in the newly built Skyparks buildings in the Malta International Airport at Luqa.

Needless to say, the restaurant has a Neapolitan theme to complement its jaw-dropping pizzas.

Their reputation is sustained with the restaurant openings at Qawra and Sliema.

For the money you pay at Vecchia Napoli, you are getting one of the best pizza in Malta worth that price. Both in Quantity and Quality.

What makes this restaurant special is the authenticity in cooking and recipes. Their pizzaiolo is trained not to make a pizza, but a Vecchia Napoli pizza.

In fact, Italians that visit Vecchia Napoli leaves with a great taste of a pure Napoli pizza. Locals alike, fill the restaurant on weekdays and weekends to enjoy their time with family, friends or partners.

If you are looking for a pure Neapolitan pizza together with an environment to behold either indoor or outdoor in the Malta International Airport then Vecchia Napoli is your place.

La Siciliana

Image Source: La Siciliana

La Siciliana is found in the outskirts of Attard on the way to Mdina. This pizzeria has about 49 years soon 50, and the founders became World Pizza Champions.

Now run by the daughter of one of them, the Pizzeria is achieving similar success with innovative and Italian ways to create the atmosphere while eating the pizza.

The restaurants also take bookings for a large group of people which makes it even better to set up a family or colleagues lunch for a traditional Italian pizza.

Customers that taste the food from La Siciliana often feel that the food is really homemade.

With seating offered inside and outside, the architecture of the restaurant gives the restaurant a more relaxed environment than the others.

If you are looking for an informal restaurant to have lunch with colleagues or friends then La Siciliana is one of the pizzerias you should visit.

Pulcinella Cafe & Pizzeria

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Pulcinella is found in the heart of the ancient and historic Hamrun. The city is known for having restaurants and pizzerias. But as reviews say, no one comes close to Pulcinella.

The pizzeria offers the Neapolitan style of cooking pizza and some customer says that they are even the best.

In fact, they are renowned for their Neopolitan pizza on the menu which for some is also the best pizza in Malta.

Pulcinella also has several parking spots near the restaurant if you go at the right time and if not there is a cheap council parking near the parish church.

It is advisable to book a table before you go as it’s quite busy and although it’s a big and spacy restaurant sometimes it can be fully booked.

Click here to book now.

At Pulcinella, you can enjoy, drink and eat a mouthwatering pizza for a good price and a nice environment and staff.

Crianza Restaurant

Image Source: My Guide Malta

Crianza Restaurant is found in Valletta and will give you a tantalizing effect after eating their pizza.

The Pizza is one of the cheapest in the countries, yet one of the best pizza in Malta.

Bar the delicious Pizza, Crianza offer a cozy environment for tourists and locals alike to enjoy their time at the restaurant.

Known for the impeccable friendly staff and customer service, Crianza might be just the solution for the cheap yet fantastic pizza you have been craving out.

Gozo and Comino

Del Capo Pizzeria

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Del Capo Pizzeria is based in the popular Nadur, Gozo. The pizzeria strives to offer the best pizza in Malta.

In order to do that, Del Capo Pizzeria came up with a different concept. A concept that separates them from other competitors.

The restaurant includes a bar-raising dough and fresh ingredients.

Del Capo also has a broad pizza menu which includes Traditional Maltese and Gozitan pizza or ftiras.

The peak of the restaurant is during the annual carnival festivities that happen in Nadur where tourists and locals alike gather in this restaurant to enjoy a pizza before or after the carnival.

Del Capo are known by their customers for the fresh ingredients, friendly customer service and the base of the pizza which is proof of the work they put to create a dough close to perfection.

So if you are looking to complement your stay at Gozo by eating a delicious pizza on the island of Gozo then Del Capo Pizzeria is for you.

Il-Kunvent Pizzeria and Restaurant

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Il-Kunvent, that translates The Convent, can be found in Gharb. Which is your destination for some relaxation and a fresh of breath air in the countryside.

This restaurant prides themselves for being a family run restaurant. Its position is situated to make customers look at the magnificent square of Gharb which includes historic buildings.

The architecture of the restaurant is simple yet, fantastic with pictures of Gharb during old times and now.

The menu includes pizzas as you know it and traditional ftiras that make your mouth melt at the delicious flavours they use.

The restaurant is among the best in creating their own kind of pizza or ftiras and appreciated by tourists.

So if you are looking for some relaxation and comfort in one of the most beautiful and tranquil villages in Gozo, this restaurant is definitely the one for you.


Image Source: TripAdvisor

Francesco’s can be found in the village of Zebbug, Gozo. Not to be confused with the village in Malta.

This restaurant is known for the competitive prices offered on the menu and it’s position to watch the sun near the valley.

Eating a pizza, drinking a glass of wine and watching the sun goes down. What else you want from your trip to Gozo?

To get a table, it’s better to book beforehand as the restaurant is quite full during all days due to it’s small yet fantastic space inside and outside.

The staff is also acknowledged to be friendly and helpful during the meal at Francesco’s.

The environment is that of a band club and that is shown with the lack of decor which is consumed in the pizza.

If you are looking for a cheap yet fantastic pizza at Gozo, then Francesco’s got you covered during your trip in Gozo.

Bonus: Pizzerias in Malta near Touristic Attractions

Sotto Pizzeria

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Valletta is the capital city of Malta, and so is an automatic choice for tourists and locals alike to visit the city.

With a rich history and breathtaking attractions, what’s better to have one of the best pizza in Malta while you’re there?

Sotto Pizzeria can be found in South Street, Valletta which is one street away from Hastings Gardens and 5 minutes away from the ferry which takes you to Sliema.

This pizzeria is from Italian origin and their passion and tradition are that of Rome rather than the classic Neapolitan pizza.

While you may find a place early in the day, it’s best if you book as this restaurant is quite busy during the day.

Sotto Pizzeria is also known for the authentic style to immerse customers to the Italian style, coupled with friendly staff,

Sotto Pizzeria is bound to give you the experience to behold while eating their delicious Pizza.


Image Source: TripAdvisor

Sliema is dubbed as the capital city of tourism by many tourists that come in Malta.

In fact, it’s a tourist resort with some tourists even deciding to stay during the stay too.

Sitting by the harbour, Sliema gives you an opportunity to delve yourself into a delicious pizza and also have a wonderful scene in front of your eyes.

Sciantusi offers one of the best pizza in Malta in Milner Street, Sliema. The promenade is walking distance away from the restaurant.

This restaurant prides themselves in being the complete Italian restaurant for customers to hunt in an Italian style atmosphere.

Sciantus offers a list of local wines to compliment your pizza meal.

Basically, if you want a place to eat pizza and have a glass of wine with the possibility of going for a walk in a promenade with beautiful sight then Sciantusi is your place to book and enjoy your meal.

Piccolo Padre

Image Source: TripAdvisor

15 minutes walk north of Sliema, St. Julians you will find. St. Julians is known for the nightlife exploits at Paceville. But it also has nice with delicious pizzas for everyone. Whether you are a family, alone, partner or friends.

Piccolo Padre can be found the opposite to the Spinola Bay in Sliema. Piccolo Padre pizzeria is the right place to take one of the best pizza in Malta area across the promenade in St. Julian.

From the outdoor restaurant you have a beautiful view, the sea that passes the harbour from Msida to Bugibba.

The family-run pizzeria thrives to keep developing the most favourite pizza across the Maltese archipelago.

Started in 1990, have received 7 certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor in the last decade. To showcase their growth and incredible reputation for the different types of tasty pizzas they offer.

If you want a memorable meal, in a historic place then Piccolo Padre is your place to eat your pizza.


Image Source: TripAdvisor

Il-Giardino is a wine cellar found in the beautiful Qawra, and built a reputation in recent years as a producer of one of the best pizza in Malta.

With a garden available in the restaurant to enjoy yourself eating and have a drink, Il-Giardino is known for some incredible mixed platters.

Their fine selection of drinks include cocktails and the famous Italian and Maltese wines.

Click here to book now and enjoy your night or afternoon in this beautiful restaurant and wine cellar.

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