There was a time where Sushi was only available in pre-packaged, fridge-bound boxes in a number of supermarkets, which, sushi lovers can agree, it wasn’t that good.

The situation has since changed, and several sushi restaurants have now blossomed on the Maltese Isles, and they’re good and tasty!

If life can teach you anything is,that, its too short for bad sushi.

So, where’s the good stuff?

Here’s where to find sushi in Malta!


1. Zen/ Zen Sushi to Go

Zen Sushi to go has a few outlets, in Pavi, Pama, and Skyparks, and its flagship at the Portomaso Marina.

Zen has a reputation for being one of the best, and first, Japanese restaurants in Malta with its to Go branches now being popular sushi Meccas on the island.

It’s a claim that’s difficult to dispute. As a bonus ZenSushi are looking to start offering Sushi in Malta by delivery. 

Zen Sushi To Go

2. Okurama Restaurant/ Okurama International Taste

Okurama Restaurant and its companion venue Okurama International Taste offer something that other sushi venues do not, their all-you-can-eat option.

Normally, all-you-can-eat means that the food is either pre-cooked on a warmer, and not all that high in quality. But guess what? Okurama’s menu won’t let you down.

Okurama offers a specified all-you-can-eat menu at every course stage. The price stays fixed!

It requires a little bit of planning, to make sure you don’t over-order, but it’s definitely worth it for good sushi in Malta, especially given how pleasant the ambience is.


3. Club Sushi

Korean food, in Malta, isn’t all that widespread. You can find it, though, at Club Sushi along with – you guessed it – sushi!

One of the higher quality sushi in Malta, this isn’t a casual affair while also not being fine dining.

Expect to get what you pay for, though, because the sushi here is fantastic and a lovely place to try with a date, or just some friends.

Be sure to try their plum wine, and don’t let the fact that it’s on this list for its sushi keep you from trying any of the other sections on the menu.

Club Sushi

4. TemptAsian

TemptAsian is one of the most renowned providers of Sushi in Mallta. This high-flying, sushi-serving, Asian Fusion restaurant that borrows from all sorts of Asian cuisine is surrounded by a panoramic view of Valetta and Sliema, giving the full experience.

TemptAsian offers the sushi enthusiast what amounts to a small library of sushi-related-choices to fulfil your sushi fantasies.


5. Madoka

One of the latest in additions to the Sushi scene in Malta, this Saint Julian’s restaurant is striving to give Malta a more authentic, and lush, experience of Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant and its kitchen are run, owned by a Japanese owner and chef, and have even brought along authentic Japanese ceramics and earthenware to serve your food in.

This is the place if you want to have Sushi in Malta with Japanese atmosphere!


Final Words

We’ve given you our suggestions, so go out and enjoy eating sushi in Malta.

Unlucky and allergic to Sushi? Don’t let it keep you away from other foreign cuisine in Malta!

Check out our Taaable website for more news or our blog for the latest suggestions on where to eat.

Comment below with any suggestions or opinions! We won’t think you are Sushi.

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