Malta’s a small country, it’s just how it is. Eating at a restaurant is one of those enjoyable, tried-and-tested, birthday celebrations with very little fuss (and no clean-up at home!).

Thing is, what with Malta being a small country where everyone has a large social circle, finding a place book a table for a large group for your birthday brunch, lunch, or dinner, might be a little daunting.

Here’s a guide to help you whittle down your choices.


1. Chukkas

The restaurant at the Malta Polo Club, with a perfect view of the polo pitch.

Chukka’s is one of those places that will let you book a table for a large group for a celebration, cater for them, and have a raucous time doing so.

Chukka’s offers set menus featuring steaks that are Argentinian, sausages that are sizzling, pigs that are suckling, lambs that are roasted, duck liver pate, and more.

Its aesthetic is more sports club than Palazzo, but that shouldn’t be able to get in the way of inviting all your friends for a big hoorah.


2. Hammett’s Gastro Bar

Hammett’s Gastro Bar in Sliema offers the opportunity to book a table for large groups of over eight persons.

This restaurant was an award winner in the 2018 Definitively Good Guide and is a wonderful spot to celebrate with your friends.

The gastro bar experience means that you would be hard pressed not to find something to order that would match whatever your poison of choice is.

Whether your friends are finicky over their gin or their wine pairings with meats, Hammett’s would be a wonderful venue for you.

Hammett's Gastro Bar

3. I Monelli

A crown jewel of Neapolitan eating in Malta, I Monelli is perfect when looking to book a table for a large group.

The Paceville restaurant’s name roughly translates to ‘the rascals’, supposedly a nickname earned by their owners. Sure enough, it attracts its fair share of birthday rascals, eating generous portions of either Neapolitan pizza or pasta.

It’s definitely affordable so your more frugal friends can join in without feeling the pinch in their wallet. Do be sure to treat yourself to the scugnizzi with the mixed sauce.

I Monelli

4. The Avenue

A well-known restaurant in Paceville, The Avenue is one of those places that’s always accepting people that want to book a table for a large group.

Is it their consistent quality of food? Their price-point? The rather airy and cheery ambiance in the restaurant? It might be all of the above. Be sure to call ahead, it’s a popular spot.

The Avenue

5. Mamma Mia

By the water, in Ta’ Xbiex, is Mamma Mia, a famed family-friendly restaurant with a little something for everyone.

Whether you’re booking all your cousin’s, mother’s cousin’s, father’s cousins and their spouses or just looking to get your ten best friends onto one table for dinner, Mamma Mia could probably be a choice to book a table for a large group.

You could try to book a table for a large group for a surprise party for your friend there, but chances are they will realise where this is going once you enter Ta’ Xbiex.

mamma mia restaurant malta

6. Nargile

Over a decade of providing authentic Arabian and Indian cuisine to Malta has earned this Marsascala restaurant a soft spot in the hearts of many.

A family-run restaurant, Nargile priotises small quantities of quality ingredients over bulk orders of anything and chooses to make their own pitta bread in-house.

The restaurant is eager to cater to the newcomers in a group, to those of a different palate, to those that may have a sensitivity when it comes to spices, and to the loyal customer that keeps coming back.

To say that this is a wonderful venue for you and your friends to expose yourselves to new cuisine is an understatement.

They normally only open for lunch on Sundays, but they’ll open for group bookings of six or more upon request. Not bad.

Nargile Lounge Malta

7. Café del Mar Malta

Part of the global franchise, Café del Mar delivers on its usual promises of emphasis on the sea, as exemplified by their sea-line level infinity pool.

Their commitment to playing their famed chill-out albums that have been released annually since the 90s, makes it a perfect place to book a table for a large group.

The venue, designed by Malta’s own Mark Pace, is one of the nicer venues on the island that inspires an open, bright feeling for your birthday lunch or dinner that would match the venue’s own.

Make sure that the dinner you want to book won’t clash with one of their many live events throughout the year, and you should be golden.

Café del Mar Malta

Final Words

We hope these suggestions help when you look to book a table for a large group for your birthday.

Keep up with our latest news on our Taaable website and blog and why not see where you can book a restaurant with a private room.

We are always looking at suggestions, be free to let us know what you think below!

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