We all know that Malta is a fairly small island, where one end isn’t too far from the next one.

However, there is one thing that’s true and that is that there is an abundant choice of restaurants all around

You can choose between a more casual setting to a more fine dining experience throughout the island.

Fine dining is an occasional treat for most of us.

Special occasions call for a special fine dining experience like your graduation dinner where your parents are paying for and you don’t have to worry about cost!

So without further ado, here are the 10 best fine dining restaurants in Malta:

Caviar & Bull

Food at caviar and bull Malta

Food from Caviar And Bull

Image Source:corinthia.com

If you are not used to fine dining and want to make the most of it by trying as many dishes as possible and you want to do in a casual and relaxed atmosphere then Caviar and Bull is the place for you.

Try their gastronomic menu of mouthwatering dishes which are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients!

Take a journey throughout the world of food where tastes mingle together to make one delectable creation at a time. Each and every plate stands strong in its flavour and originality.

There is also a champagne bar, oyster bar or a lounge for you to meet your friends at for alluring cocktails while enjoying a beautiful view of St George’s Bay at St Julian.

What they are best known for is their vast selection of fresh caviar sourced organically from around the world.

So if you are someone with a big appetite who likes to try a little bit of everything on the menu, book your table at Caviar & Bull NOW!

Lovage Bistro

The chefs at Lovage Bistro are passionate about food and you can see it for yourself when you try their exceptional dishes that are always made with fresh ingredients giving the best flavour possible.

At Lovage, they chefs combine a traditional style of cooking with a contemporary feel.

Enjoy your choice of alluring Mediterranean dishes that consist of an assortment of homemade pasta, delicious meat, fresh fish and crisp salads in a simple and cosy ambience.

We recommend that you try the Sea Bass

So, if you like to try Maltese food with a modern twist, Click Here to Book Your Table at Lovage Bistro NOW!

Sea Bass At lovage Bistro Malta

Sea Bass At lovage Bistro Malta


Image source: loveagebistro.com


At Quadro, you can indulge in fish straight out of the sea or succulent meat, whichever you’re more in the mood for.

Also, this place is ideal for a sophisticated dining experience or as a great venue for special occasions.

We recommend that you try the Salmon here.

There are catering and wedding options if you wish to book this spot for such beautiful events. The staff will help make your dreams come true!

Quadro restaurant

Quadro Restaurant

Image Source:quadromalta.com

The De Mondion Restaurant

The De Mondion Restaurant offers a unique fine dining experience at the top of Mdina’s centuries-old bastions.  You are guaranteed to be in awe of the majestic view from this restaurant.

They have an exceptional staff to attend to your needs, while also giving you space and privacy to enjoy your meal and view in peace.

The philosophy of the chefs at this restaurant is to provide you with soul-nourishing food made with the best, seasonal produce that the island can offer.

We recommend that you try their tasting menu called the “taste of Malta”.

So if you want to travel back in time while enjoying food that nourishes your soul, Click Here to Book Your Table at the De Mondion Restaurant NOW!

De Mondion restaurant Malta

The view from De Mondion


Risette, is an informal fine dining restaurant in Valletta and is led by award-winning chef, Andrew Borg.

This restaurant’s passion and hunger for change and experimentation reflects in their dishes and the fact that they change their menu every week!

Brace yourself to tease your taste buds by tasting tantalising food that is inspired by many cultures and methods mixed together harmoniously with finesse and attention to detail.

If you are planning to go for a meal at Risette, we recommend that you try the Venere rice with black garlic.

Risette Restaurant Malta

Impressive Decor at Risette

Image Source:gebruederthonetvienna.com

one80 Kitchen & Lounge

At one80 Kitchen & Lounge, there’s a wide range of dishes to choose from and even some for those with special dietary restrictions, which these days are an important aspect to take into consideration.

Using the freshest ingredients is a priority here, which is why throughout the year, special seasonal dishes will be available and changing with the seasons.

Private dining is an option here for more intimate occasions like for a graduation dinner with family and friends or even for a proposal dinner with your loved one!


Image source: tripadvisor.com

The Orchard Restaurant

The Orchard is the perfect location for a more private evening with a more peaceful and serene atmosphere.

What makes this location so great is the plentiful amounts of natural light and the romantic setting.

Furthermore, the service is exceptional and guarantees all its diners a meal that will never be forgotten.

Capo Crudo

At Capo Crudo be prepared to be impressed by the works of art that the kitchen creates.

Here you can and will without a doubt, experience an unforgettable gastronomic moment with the freshest of the freshest ingredients that one can buy on the island.

The staff is genuine and makes your culinary experience one that you won’t forget!

Capo Crudo can make your wildest dining desires come true.

We recommend that you try any of their fish dishes and if you want to try a bunch of different things in one dish, go for the Royal Plateau.

So if you like to keep up to date with the latest trends in food and see food as art, Click Here to Book Your Table At Capo Crudo NOW!

Capo Crudo

Fine Dining Personified At Capo Crudo

Image source: restaurantsmalta.com

Commando Restaurant

Another fantastic and elegant restaurant which is located in Mellieha is Commando.

The cuisine is inspired by Malta and around the Mediterranean.

This restaurant uses fresh local ingredients to create sophisticated and scrumptious dishes for you to devour.

You have a choice from fresh seafood, delicious pasta dishes, ripened vegetables and homemade desserts at Commando.

Commando shares the rich Maltese culture with everyone that dines here and the staff welcomes everyone with warm greetings.

We recommend that you try the fresh Mediterranean fish of the day(it changes depending on what is available), if you are a vegetarian we would recommend you to try the Vegetarian Shepard’s pie.

So if you are vegetarian, vegan, love seafood and are dying to try some traditional Maltese dishes or Mediterranean food, Click Here to Book Your Table At the Commando Restaurant NOW!

Commando restaurant

Commando restaurant


As you can see, the restaurant choice in Malta is plentiful considering the fact that these are just a handful of the best fine dining options available on the island.

When looking for a sophisticated destination to dine at with your family and friends for special occasions, give one or more of these locations a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Bon appetit!

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