Malta is a tiny, beautiful island with a lot to offer. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and as a result, it is attracting travellers from all around the world.

For those that have never been to Malta or are wondering if Malta is expensive or not, there’s only one way to answer this: it is as expensive or affordable as you want it to be.

Malta is quite an affordable place, however some locations within Malta do have a higher price than others. It all depends on your tastes, how you like to live and what you prefer to be surrounded by.

All-in-all, Malta is a very affordable destination for most people around the world.


Aerial Picture of Malta

Malta from the sky

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Prices vary worldwide depending on the time of year, especially in very touristic destinations that have a high season and a low season.

Weather is a big factor that determines the places that have high and low seasons.

In Malta, there is a high season and a low season.

June until September is considered to be the high season in Malta. During this time it is packed with tourists and prices tend to rise as well.

For instance, during the high season, the bus fare is 2 EURO for a single ticket, while during the low season the bus fare goes down to 1.50 EURO.

It becomes easier and cheaper to find a place to rent as well during the low season.

Most people find Malta to be much more affordable during the low season.



Keep in mind that the location affects the cost of living. An apartment in the city centre or seaside will cost more than a place in a more rural setting or on the edge of the city.

If you want to reside in Sliema, which is the most affluent city in Malta, you wold pay much more than if you were to live in quieter towns which are close to the countryside like Mellieha or Marsascala.

The cost of renting an apartment also depends on whether the apartment has been newly renovated Newer, more modern apartments will cost more than older ones.


Food is a big staple in  Maltese culture. For holidays and special occasions, it is one of the main focal points.

There is a large variety of different cuisines available in Malta and you can find meals for very affordable prices all throughout the island.

If you are planning to cook your own meals, purchasing certain items tend to be a bit more expensive than other places in Europe because they need to be imported.

However, buying fruits and vegetables is very affordable on the island especially when you opt to buy from local vendors.

You can also keep prices lower by choosing to purchase imported Italian products rather than the familiar big brands because transportation costs are much lower for products that come from Italy.

A picture of Pastizzis

A picture of Pastizzis

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Many of the attractions in Malta do not have an entrance fee or cost less than €5 and are extremely accessible.

The beauty of the island can be found at every turn.

Health Care

The healthcare that is available in Malta is good and much more affordable than it is in other countries, especially when it is compared with healthcare in the United States.

However, prescriptions and over the counter medicines tend to be a bit more on the expensive side in Malta. This is because more than half of the items need to be imported.


The thing that we can’t live without the internet. Internet in Malta does tend to be more on the expensive side in comparison to other European countries.

Sadly, the broadband services in Malta are not good, in terms of speed,reliability, and quality when you compare it with other EU countries. However, its still better than many countries in the world.
Out of 148 countries, Malta had the 38th fastest average internet speed in the world.


Household Appliances

Household appliances like ovens, toasters and blenders in Malta, tend to be more on the expensive side. Choices are also quite limited when compared to a lot of places around the world.

Make sure to search other cities to see what’s available. You also have the option to find what you’re looking for on Amazon and have it delivered to you.


In conclusion, Malta is a very affordable place to live in comparison to other European countries. However, there are certain goods and services that do cost more in Malta like the internet, Electronic appliances and Imported Goods.

When you get to know what the island has to offer, you’ll be able to determine the best places to get what you need at the best prices!

You’ll know whether something is worth its price or not and where you can get what you need for a more reasonable price.

You can also decide to splurge on yourself if you like! It all comes down to your preferences and how you would like to live your life in Malta!

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