All Maltese know that Bugibba is a haven for foreigners, mainly British Expats.

It’s also a great place if you’re looking for an active nightlife with great restaurants and maybe a cheeky scoop of gelato on the side.

Here’s our list of places we think you should try in Bugibba:


1. Sirens

A childhood classic for many of us who grew up in the north, Sirens is actually a local water polo club, of which the cafe, bar, and restaurant section used to be pretty average fare mostly ordered by water polo mums and dads watching their kids swim and old retired folk with not much else to do.

However, over the years their menu has been improved upon immensely to the extent that the restaurant attracts its own non-pool related clientele.

The pizza is a definite favourite.

Sirens Malta

2. Ocean Basket

Ironically considering our location bang in the centre of the Mediterranean, seafood can often come at somewhat of a high price in Malta, due to the good rates Maltese fishermen get for export versus what they would they make locally.

This means that if you can’t afford to splurge it can be surprisingly difficult to find a decent seafood restaurant.

Ocean Basket is an exception to that rule, by forming part of an international chain they manage to keep prices fairly low for good quality seafood and sushi.

Ocean Basket

3. Made in SUD

One of the many restaurants popping up across the island with a proper traditional pizza oven, Made with SUD is also very fairly priced considering the high quality.

This is very much a straightforward all about the food kind of restaurant, with full view of the pizzaiolos at work.

The menu has a good amount of options both for the meat lovers and the vegetarians amongst your group, and the homemade tiramisu is divine.

Made in SUD is super popular so unless you plan on eating early make sure to book ahead.

Made in Sud

4. Cheeky Monkey

This restaurant and cocktail bar is fairly new to Malta, but their hip decor (you can eat your burger from a swing seat!), delicious food, and tempting cocktails have made it an instant local favourite.

A more midrange affair when it comes to pricing, you can still eat and drink here for fairly cheap if you’re running low, but there are some incredible more indulgent options well worth the bump in the price.

When it comes to the cocktails, my advice is to aim for happy hour.

Cheeky Monkey Gastropub

5. Lovage Bistro

Another midrange eatery, but this time due to many of its best dishes being the sort of mains you tend to pay more for, Lovage Bistro is known to have incredible fresh fish and meat steaks with actually very generous prices considering their worth.

If however, that’s not your favourite their pasta is also excellent and all of their dishes are made with the same quality of fresh ingredients.

The servers are very friendly, and the atmosphere itself perfect for small groups and date nights, with subtle music and a quiet relaxed vibe.

So if you are hungry and want to satisfy your primal urges and hunger for good meat, Click Here to Book Your Table at Lovage Bistro NOW!

Lovage Bistro

Delicious Maltese Sausages at Lovage Bistro

6. Tarragon

If you’re looking for a higher end sort of evening Tarragon has long been the place to go.

With immaculate and attentive service, gorgeous sea views – it’s highly recommended to go at sunset, and that’s not even mentioning the food, an evening at Tarragon is an overall experience rather than just a meal.

The food itself is a very high standard, the fish, in particular, is excellent. We recommend that you try their set menus because you get to try a little bit of everything!

Overall though, nobody can mention Tarragon without talking about how wonderful the owner Donald and his staff are, which to me makes the whole experience.

So if you are someone who works hard and want to reward and pamper yourself with a classy meal and exquisite wine, Click Here to Book Your Table at Tarragon NOW!

Tarragon restaurant

Bonus: Sotto Zero & Con Gusto

Sometimes it’s nice to go for a stroll to digest your main before settling into something sweet for dessert, or you just love all the savoury food a restaurant has to offer but aren’t impressed with what they have on their dessert menu.

No worries, Bugibba has two of the best ice cream places on the island, and they’re actually round the corner from each other up the road from the central pjazza!

Some people are die-hard fans of one place or the other, but personally, I tend to just go to whichever one has the shortest queue when I arrive.

Sotto Zero

Con Gusto

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