The sun, the sea, a glass of wine, and a plate of pasta.

These are the makings of a perfect day.

The famously Italian staple food works well with many ingredients, which means that you will always be spoiled for choice; between traditional dishes such as carbonara, pomodoro, pesto, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, spaghetti con le vongole, ragù, and the humble aglio e olio.

There are many pasta restaurants in St. Julian’s, in Malta, where you can find some of the best pasta dishes around and definitely a candidate for your perfect outing with a plate of pasta.


1. Peperoncino

On a corner just off of the Balluta Bay seafront is Peperoncino, a rustic little spot that has been open for a little over a decade.

Pasta dishes at Peperoncino are only part of Head Chef Anton Bonnici’s menu, but they stand out with offerings of Italian dishes such as octopus risotto, pasta with sea urchins, and homemade potato gnocchi.

Peperoncino pasta restaurants in St. Julian's

2. Wigi’s Kitchen

A staple in Balluta Bay, the romantic Wigi’s kitchen is named after Louis Pace.

Wigi’s sources quality ingredients from small and family-owned suppliers to provide the best menu that a Mediterranean bistro can.

The menu changes daily, depending on what’s fresh and good so you can be sure that whatever you order would be, whether it’s the famous Italian linguine, fettuccine, or more.

This definitely makes it one of the pasta restaurants in Malta you have got to try.

3. Barracuda Restaurant

The Barracuda restaurant has been serving patrons on its stilted restaurant for forty years.

The pasta dishes at Barracuda are not the only dishes on the menu, but they aren’t a tacked-on afterthought.

With dishes that host squid ink and goat cheese fondue, linguini with escargot, and ravioli filled with grouper and red prawn, you can really tell that Barracuda want to offer you a gastronomical dish you aren’t likely to forget and puts Barracuda as one of the best pasta restaurants in St. Julians.

barracuda truffle pasta

4. Piccolo Padre

The sister restaurant to Barracuda, the adjacent Piccolo Padre is maids-quarters-turned-pizzeria-and-trattoria that offers many dishes, including – you guessed it – pasta dishes.

Perfect for a simple evening dish that you can’t help but enjoy.

So if you are the type of Italian food especially pasta, then Piccolo Padre is for you!

5. Sale e Pepe

Certified with the “Marchio di Ospitalita` Italiana”, Sale e Pepe spoils you for choice which makes it one of the best pasta restaurants in St Julian. You can find Sale e Pepe over the Portomaso Yacht Marina.

Walking into the terracotta-tiled restaurant you know you will be able to find the kind of traditional Italian dishes that might let you believe you’re not in Saint Julian’s anymore.

sale e pepe

6. Storie e Sapori

Meaning ‘Story and Flavours’, Storie e Sapori is a Naples-born establishment that wants its food, to tell you a story away from its hometown.

Of course, the part of their story that we would really like to hear is the first course – the pasta.

The dishes focus on the traditional core.

And that’s why they have made it on our list of best pasta restaurants in St. Julian’s that we think you should try.

pasta with lobster

7. Bianco’s

Rabbit ravioli, fresh garganelli, gnocchi with asparagus, lobster and crab ravioli – all can be found at Bianco’s, the cosy restaurant halfway up the Spinola hill.

Warm, low lighting gives this spot a lovely atmosphere in which you can enjoy your Italian pasta.

biancos st julian

8. Vecchia Napoli

This established Maltese chain has one of its better-known venues opposite the taller trees on the Balluta seafront.

The inside dining area is just a little bit below street level, which gives you a wonderful, detached view of the street while you enjoy your dish of traditional and well-made pasta at Vecchia Napoli.

With the environment being Italian and offers the best platform to eat the famous pasta dish.

Seafood pasta

9. Il Pirata

Il Pirata is an Italian restaurant and also one of the many pasta restaurants in St. Julian’s.

It can be found in Paceville avenue that’s often the venue of choice for a lad’s get together, dinner dates, the office lunch, and even lunches for one.

The dishes served at the Paceville avenue venue are simpler and more traditional than the more avant-garde but nonetheless authentic selections at its Bistro counterpart in Triq San Gorg, with stellar star Italian dishes featuring pasta gentile.

Pasta Carbonara

Final Words

With our review of the best pasta restaurants in St. Julians, we hope we solved the headache of choosing a restaurant to eat Pasta in one  of the most beautiful cities of Malta!

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