Don’t you look forward to after-work drinks with colleagues after you’ve had a long, hard day at the office?

Or Maybe you and your colleagues are looking for a nice place to celebrate your birthday or your achievements but your team struggles to come to a consensus about where to go out to celebrate because of the vast options that are available in Malta.

We at Taaable have researched the best places to go after work so that you can save your time.

So without further ado, here are our top picks for places to go after work for a drink and a nice platter:

1. Trabuxu, Valletta

Trabuxu has been a popular destination for the post-work drinks crowd for a while. Between the objet d’art, the deep red walls, darkly-stained wood – it’s the exact opposite of the fluorescent tubes and the computer screens at work.

The menu is seasonal, the cheese, cured meats, and salami are plentiful, they have their house chicken liver parfait and terrine, and if you like you can even buy cheese of your choice by the gram.

This 400-year-old stone vault cellar is clearly a destination for post-work socialising. This experience helped Trabuxu to grow and produce one of the top platters in Malta.


2. The Black Sheep, Sliema

The Black Sheep is not like other restaurant-bars in Malta.

Ever wondered what English or Oriental Tapas would taste like?

The Black Sheep prides itself on pampering you with top-notch service and a BIG variety of drinks and food to make you feel like royalty!

This undoubtely,makes it one of the best places to go after work with your collegues!

Start your evening with your choice of beer (they have over 42 types of beer),wine,gin,whisky,rum,cognac…well any kind of alcohol you have in mind from all around the world!

Just like the drinks, you will find food from all over the world on the menu.

Dish Recommendations:
We recommend that you try their oriental platter, experiment with sauces and snacks from different Asian countries.

Happy Hours start every day from 4 PM until 7 PM

So what are you waiting for then? Click here to book your table now at the Black Sheep for a unique experience!

The Black Sheep

3. Yard 32, Valletta

While technically serving tapas, Malta’s first gin bar serves home-made fresh tapas.

The star of the show is, after all, Yard 32’selection of gins, but the pairings offered are nothing to scoff at, either.

Cold tapas, hot tapas, vegetarian (boca) choices – the goal of tapas is to free your attention from a meal and to offer up a platter of choices that you just pick and eat while enjoying conversation with your friends from work.

Yard 32 Valletta

4. The Brew Grill & Brewery, Sliema

Are you a fan of craft beer? Well, they have at least 10 different craft beers from around the world for just €5!

Pair your beer with your choice of starters and burgers at an affordable price.

Vegetarians should definitely try the veggie burger which costs just €12.

We suggest that you try the Brew Platter which consists of a rack of ribs, chicken wings, several varieties of sausages…basically any kind of meat you can imagine for just €9 per person!

Are you curious, hungry and thirsty now? Then click here to book your table at the Brew Grill & Brewery NOW!

The Brew Bar & Grill

What to expect at the Brew!

5. Charles Grech Café, Valletta

This spot is paramount to the office workers in Valletta. Any time after five in the evening, you can spot men and women in business formal attire, maybe slightly dressed down, at the Republic Street Café.

Known for their selection of wines, the Charles Grech Café offers platters for the post-work crowd, knowing that some cold cuts and cheese are the perfect thing to go with a bottle of Gavi.

This has been, after all, the mission of the Charles Grech establishment since its inception in 1881 and it’s needless to say that they offer one of the top platters in Malta.

Charles Grech Café

6. MedAsia Fusion Lounge, Sliema

Sushi, rolls, meat on skewers, satay, Cantonese pork rib and Beijing chicken wings – MedAsia offers the kind of foods that an Asian fusion restaurant would for their platters.

After all, not everyone wants salumi and cheeses for their after-hours drinks.

They offer plenty of other Asian-fusion items on the menu, but this venue on the Sliema Strand is just the thing for wonderful cocktails and platters of Asian food.

MedAsia Fusion Lounge

7. Electro Lobster Project, St. Julian’s

In the ever-picturesque evenings in the piazza of Balluta, some of the most music-savvy working men and women of the island flock to Electro Lobster Project, affectionately shortened to ELP.

The bar-restaurant-lounge has a lovely outdoor seating area, but also a sound-designed interior that’s perfect for its live music performances.

It’s ample selection of global spirits, beers, and cocktails are the perfect pair for its sea-focused platters, carpaccios, or good old fries.

With a selection of great platters in Malta, Electro offers great ambiance as well.

Electro Lobster Project Malta

8. St. Gregory’s Club Lounge, Sliema

This recently done-up venue just a block away from St. Gregory’s church in Sliema has some of the friendliest staff you can imagine.

Its ample space makes it ideal for after work gatherings, and the billiards table doesn’t hurt either.

St. Gregory’s Club Lounge is a charming, if contemporary, take on the Maltese band club (or każin) that is competitive with its drinks and has plenty of nibbles and top platters in Malta for the after-work crowd.

St. Gregory’s Club Lounge

9. Del Borgo, Birgu

Del Borgo is one of the most friendliest places for top platters in Malta. Del Borgo can be found in the heart of one of the three cities, Birgu.

Del Borgo offers an extensive list of platters or else known, Tapaz. They come in different types too! Maltese and Meditterenean are two of the several types they offer in the menu!

If you are looking for a frienly face to make your day better after a though shift at work, then Del Borgo is your place!

Final Words

With our list of top platters in Malta providers, you just need to plan with your work mates and go!

You can keep up with the latest articles and news on our blog and Taaable website.

See where to spend your night out at a kazin in Malta and wine bars you must visit.

While you are thinking about Platters and places to go after work, please leave us your suggestions below!

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