A gorgeous little fishing village in the south of Malta, Marsaxlokk is a popular location for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re craving a seafood dinner after spending a day at St. Peter’s Pool or walking and perusing the morning fish market has stirred up your appetite, you won’t be disappointed by the food Marsaxlokk has to offer.

While this list is nowhere near exhaustive, with a multitude of other brilliant seafood restaurants in the vicinity, here are some of the local and foreign favourites.


La Reggia

After a walk through Marsaxlokk’s popular fish market, it’s not uncommon to feel a strong craving for seafood.

Obviously, the area is full of restaurants catering to just these sort of customers so how do you know which one to head to?

Described by reviewers as an ‘oasis of calm and cleanliness’ after the hectic and messy fish market, La Reggia is a family run restaurant with understated but tasteful decor and a relaxed ambience, where the focus is on the incredible seafood – all for a modest price.

La Reggia is a small and intimate restaurant which means tables quickly fill up, so book in advance where possible.

However, this also means that the service is very personal, and you are well taking care of.

The food is prepared with equal love and care, the chef being the husband and son of the two women who work the front of the restaurant.

La Reggia is one of those restaurants which feel like home and serve you like you’re family.

La Reggia Malta


Another family run restaurant but this time with a fancier twist.

Tartarun is named after the traditional fishing net used by local fishermen, and takes great pride in its location in the heart of the fishing village, specialising in the fresh catch of the day.

The menu is surprisingly long considering how fresh the food offered is, and though one reviewer describes it as ‘Michelin star food’ the price is not unaffordable as you’d think for such a review.

And don’t worry too much about looking the part, despite their five-star dishes Tartarun is self-described as ‘casual’, so they will happily accept you without dressing up.

Almost everyone who has gone to Tartarun seems to mention Rena, the matriarch of the family who welcomes everyone into her family’s restaurants with true Mediterranean hospitality and enthusiasm.

Pro tip: as hard as it may be with all the delicious savoury dishes on offer, save space for dessert!

The homemade halva ice cream is a local favourite.

Tartarun Malta


One of the multitudes of restaurants that litter the gorgeous Marsaxlokk seafront, with a backdrop of the hectic fish market and a look out onto the gorgeous blue Mediterranean Sea, Roots itself has an unassuming presence, but they remain a firm favourite of locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant itself is not very large but their small size once again lends to a much more personalised service, and though it is small the seating is not squashed.

Along with the typical Maltese hospitality, Roots also offers traditional dishes in typically Mediterranean large portions.

A common favourite of Roots aside from the main course of freshly caught fish from the local market is surprisingly in the starter section: Aljotta which is a popular Maltese fish soup.

Another thing of note at Roots is its extensive wine and liquor list considering the size of the restaurant, conversely, their food menu is somewhat small as Roots prefers to focus on favourites and do them well.

Roots Marsaxlokk

Ta’ Victor Restaurant

Ta’ Victor Restaurant carries on with our theme of family businesses.

The restaurant’s namesake Victor is the chef behind the marvellous food served here and his family help him run the front end, although he enjoys talking to patrons himself whenever he gets the chance.

Although a menu is advertised outside in the square, Ta’ Victor Restaurant prefers to run on more of a discussion basis, finding out what their guests enjoy and then serving up a three-course meal based off this discussion.

Due to the availability of fresh seafood, their specials are constantly changing so it usually works out better to simply discuss with the waiter or Victor himself than read items off a menu.

They also offer a set menu of four delicious courses on Sundays which many opt for, starting with a mixed Maltese platter, then a few pasta options, various options for the main course, and finishing with fresh local imqarret and ice cream for dessert.

Ta’ Victor Restaurant Malta

We hope you enjoy visiting any of these 4 seafood restaurants.

You’re sure not to be disappointed!

Drop Taaable a line with your favourite seafood restaurant in the comment section.

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