Before all the luxurious and range of Sliema Restaurants, Sliema just used to be a fishing village.

The British period that changed the country and became an important part of history, lead Sliema to be one of the most touristic attractions in the country.

Sliema has become more than a fishing village, it has become home to various famous restaurants and shopping malls. Not to mention the hotels.

Question is, which Sliema Restaurants are worth your money and time? Here’s our top 13 selection.

1. The Terrace

The terrace restaurant offers clients the perfect platform for whether if it’s for a business, romance or a meal to catch up with friends.

Open for most of the night, the tip of the Sliema Restaurants gives you the chance to visit this seaside location and view of Valletta from most of the time during the day as it’s open from 8 am till late.

You should not worry if you have any dietary requirement as the restaurant caters for that too while having a menu that matches your cravings and seasonal ingredients availability.

2. Ta’ Kris Restaurant

Lead by Chris, Ta’ Kris Restaurant offers a homemade Maltese Cusine Menu which you can enjoy in one of the oldest bakeries in Sliema.

The restaurant like its menu revolves around the proud history of Maltese. Where better to eat the traditional ‘Braggioli’ or ‘Bebbux’ than others in a restaurant with old furniture and other decors.

With different specials, every day according to the fresh ingredients available, make sure you do not miss out on one of the most decorated Sliema Restaurants.

3. The Brew Grill and Brewery

While you can find most of the Sliema Restaurants in the Strand, one particular restaurant that shines is The Brew.

Being known locally for its brewery expertise, The brew is also known for the food it offers to match the fine chosen beer.

Open from 10 am to 2 am from Monday to Thursday together with Friday and Saturday from 10 am till 3 am. Sunday the Brew closes at 12 am.

4. The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep’s aim is to make customers feel right at home thanks to their committed and friendly staff.

What differentiates the Black Sheep from the other Sliema Restaurants is their live music sessions which sometimes include top local artists.

This based with the fact that heir range includes premium spirits, tantalizing cocktails and popular craft beer selection together with their mouthwatering burgers, the Black Sheep can be the place for you.

You can also make use of the Cocktail happy hour from 3pm-7pm during the week!

5. Fresco’s Malta

If you are looking for Sliema Restaurants with the aim of finding a restaurant with a price worth of quantity and quality. Then look no further.

Fresco’s Malta aims to deliver a menu with fresh ingredients according to the season. To compliment that meal, you will enjoy the beautiful view of St. Julians.

The restaurant has gained a reputation for being a good place to dine for both families or friends.

6. La Vida, Bar de Tapas

La Vida, Bar de Tapas is the perfect opportunity to take yourself to the tradition of Spain and Latin America.

This restaurant is situated nicely to enjoy the view of the sea whether you want to sit indoor or outdoor.

La Vida menu includes a variety of Spanish or Latin America tapas, wines and cocktails.  At the heart of the Sliema Restaurants, La Vida is the perfect option for those who want to immerse in the Spanish and Latin American cuisine.

7. Pure Living

Sliema’s PURE Living is the flagship store for the PURE brand, which declares the store as more than just a place to eat but also a health store with a work-out room in which they hold classes to really round out the whole ‘healthy living’ thing.

Assuming you aren’t going for that lunch-hour workout, you’ll enjoy the roster of poached eggs, salmon dishes, vegan eats (like salads, burgers, and hot dogs), and paleo pancakes.

We recommend you try the Omega 3 burger which is a delicious and healthy salmon burger or the Halloumi burger and salad.

So if you are looking for the healthy bunch of the Sliema Restaurants, here’s our pick.

8. La Cuccagna Trattoria

Secreted up a Sliema side street this family restaurant is over 25 years old, but still holds up to its old family values.

Part of that love and care can be seen in their enthusiasm to cater to any dietary requirements, as well as their inclusion of a number of vegan items on the menu.

La Cuccagna Trattoria specialises in Mediterranean favourites from pizza and pasta to meat, fish, burgers and salads for an inexpensive price.

If you want to try something that you have never tried before we suggest you try their house special Garganelli Farouk which is a mildly spicy pasta dish.

So if you are vegan, vegetarian, intolerant to gluten or want to try high-quality food so unique and novel hat none of your friends has heard about, you must visit this amazing option from the Sliema Restaurants.

9. Al Solito Posto

Al Solito Posto aims to the typical Italian cuisine at the heart of the Sliema restaurants. The restaurant is family owned and run.

They offer an exquisite menu for either lunch and dinner whether you are a family, with a partner or just want some quiet time alone.

You can find it near the Park Hotel to enjoy a fine meal of Italian food and other Mediterranean dishes.

10. Fortizza Bar & Restaurant

Fortizza is a popular restaurant renowned with locals and tourists alike due to it’s menu, stunning view and scenic architecture.

Changed management in 2009, however, reputation stayed. Just like other Sliema Restaurants, Fortizza includes both inside or outside with the addition of cosy yet comfortable sofas.

The menu includes a fine selection of Starters, delicious pizza, scrumptious pasta, amazing grill options and good dessert.

11. Rocca Restaurant

Rocca Restaurant has evolved into a regional gastronomy food provider together with an environment that matches the food.

A menu served to the riches of fresh quality products matched with wine for the typical Mediterranean cuisine.

With Rocca being the pick of the gastronomical Sliema Restaurants, enjoy a dine out at a modern and spacious environment.

12. Margaux 1926

Margaux 1926 gives Sliema Restaurants a touch of the expansive French Cuisine. The restaurant’s highlight is the modern European dishes with fresh ingredients according to the French region.

The centre of Margaux 1926 is the Executive Chef Sebastian Mifsud, where his knowledge of cuisine achieved by working in other Europe’s finest restaurants has refined Margaux 1926 menu.

 While the environment feels modern, the style is that of 1920. Margaux is open for Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner every day.

13. Cafe Sicilia

Apart from restaurants, Sliema is also known for brasseries. Brasseries where you can go for a drink, coffee or eat.

Cafe Sicilia is one of the Sliema Restaurants that is run by a family, and while it was founded by Sicilians is still run by Sicilians.

Hence, the staff at Cafe Sicilia are experienced and passionate to deliver the delicious Italian cuisine right at your plate.

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