Valletta Waterfront is known for the beautiful views and scenery it offers. But also has a number of Valletta Waterfront Restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds.

You choose, from Asian to Steakhouse to a simple cocktail whether you want to dine or lunch during the week or at the weekend.

These Valletta Waterfront Restaurants are surely going to give you the experience to behold.

The ample choice of dishes and cuisines are set to give everyone the choice whether if it’s a family outing, with friends or a date.

The Valletta Waterfront also raised a reputation of being the perfect destination for business owners or executives to set up meetings with clients or internal lunches.

The meal will surely be complemented by the picturesque scenery and atmosphere around the place together with indoor or outdoor placing available in the Valletta Waterfront restaurants.

Here is the list of Valletta Waterfront Restaurants available to give you the lunch or dine of your week.

Bistro 516

Image Source: My Guide Malta

The 516 is a brand that is known around the country due to the various outlets around Malta created by Patrick Spiteri.

The Bistro 516 is one of the Valletta Waterfront Restaurants that provide fresh and genuine foods.

The menu includes a selection of starters, rice, meat, poultry, salad and local fish which can be complemented by mouth-watering desserts and a fine selection wine. Both local and worldwide.

Bistro 516 is open everyday from 10 am till 11 pm.


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If you are one for enjoying your delicious meal with a tantalizing cocktail than Browns Restaurant is for you.

Their menu which is specialized in mediterranean and exotic cuisine offers consumers a menu for wine, spirits and luxurious cocktails.

What else you want? Drink, Food and the beautiful scenery of the Valletta Waterfront.

Browns has grown a reputation for being the destination or staff parties due to the bar included indoor of the restaurant.

Browns is open everyday from 10 am till 11 pm.

Catch & Co Malta

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One of the most popular attribute of Valletta Waterfront Restaurants is the fact that they are found in Seaside of what used to be the Pinto Wharf.

Being seaside, it’s obvious destination for catchy seafood. However, the pick is the Catch&Co Malta restaurant.

The fresh seafood is the speciality in the menu that also includes other cuisines such as the mediterranean.

Catch & Co offers a mixture of experience and innovation to bring you the better cuisine of seafood.

The restaurant is open from 10 am till 10:30 pm.

Crave Eats & Beats

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Crave Eats & Beats offers a platform for people to kick start their day with a good breakfast. It also offers lunch and dinner with a menu perfect to visit after work with friends.

The menu includes a fine selection of drinks which are going to compliment your meal together with the wonderful scenery of the wonderful waterfront.

Being one of the most renowned Valletta Waterfront Restaurants, Crave Eats and Beats is open from from 9am till 12am ,making it a destination for drinks during the night.

Hard Rock Bar

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Hard Rock’s interior picks it out from the other Valletta Waterfront Restaurants.

Indoor you can find a mini shop where you can buy Hard Rock-branded clothes or accessories and merchandise.

The restaurant has an indoor bar together with several tables to eat their special burgers with other delicious food included in the menu. Seating outside for the Waterfront scenery is also available.

There is also a live stage where guest artists are invited to make your meal more worth the money.

Hard Rock is open from Monday till Thursday from 11am till 10pm. On Friday it stays open an extra hour while on Saturday closes at 12am. Sunday the restaurants closes at 10:30pm.

Marina Club VW

Image Source: My Guide Malta

This place is the reimanance of a british dining experience in Valletta Waterfront Restaurants.

The destination is perfect for people who wants to have a drink and eat a complete meal whether it’s in the light of day or in the night.

Marina Club VW is renowned by yacht owners in the country who traditionally enjoy a meal and also watch the regatta due to its positioning in the Valletta Waterfront.

Marina Club VW is open from 10am till 11pm everyday.

Nan Yuan

Image Source: My Guide Malta

Nan Yuan is not an ordinary Chinese restaurants which specialises in Cantonese cuisine.

Nan Yuan offers the cuisine together with an abundance of class that is going to make your meal as luxurious as ever.

It’s vault is what sets it apart from other Valletta Waterfront Restaurants due to its history and impressive age. 250 years to be exact.

You can choose to eat your meal indoor at their stylish interior or outside by the water’s edge.

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm till 3pm and then it reopens from 7pm till 11pm.

Pepe Nero

Image Source: Daa Hause

Pepe Nero is a complete restaurant which guarantees fantastic dishes to every type of foodie enthusiast.

The menu includes an a la carte cuisine section and another section for Seafood and meat. But what’s Pepe Nero renowned for, is the delicious pizza.

The design of the restaurant is suited who want to go for a trip to Italy while eating their delicious food.

Pepe Nero is open Monday to Sunday from 12pm till 3pm and then reopens from 7pm till 11pm.

Q Bar and Restaurant

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Q Bar & Restaurant provides a chic environment for those who feel like clubbing after food or just want to try out their food.

You can also choose to sit in either of the two floors indoor or enjoy a premium glass of wine outdoor at the view of grand harbour.

The menu includes some of the most exquisite Mediterranean foods from the Valletta Waterfront Restaurants.

While on Monday Q Bar is closed, from Tuesday to Saturday the restaurant is open from 6pm till 11:30pm while on Sunday it opens from 12pm till 11pm.

Wasabi Sushi Express

Image Source: Wasabi

Wasabi’s is a provider of the delicious and popular sushi. The only of the Valletta Waterfront restaurants that provides this mouth watering Japanese cuisine.

Whether you like Vegetables Sushi, Seafood Sushi or the Nigiri, you are going to get what you are looking front in the Valletta Waterfront.

With the only choice for sushi in the waterfront, Wasabi is also known for the environment and atmosphere the staff create for the well esteemed customers.

Wasabi is open every day from 11am till 3pm and then reopens at 6pm till 11pm.

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