The seasons are changing blindingly fast; gone are all the coats and sweaters, now is the season for open shirts, maxi skirts, sundresses, and espadrilles. Sunglasses too, but what season isn’t sunglasses season in Malta? It’s Spring, one of our shortest seasons, so what can you do before it’s over?

In this article, we give you the best things to do in Malta during June.

1. Swim before the tourists invade

Malta has lovely beaches, and all the tourism websites and blogs say so. Going to the beaches in the Summer is just an excellent way of feeling like your dream of a lazy dose by the sea will forever be out of reach. Why? Easy, blocked by hordes of sunscreen-soaked, speedo wearing tourists.

So that’s one thing you should do in Malta during June! Take advantage of the off-season and the good weather: go to the beach early in the morning, maybe go wild and take a book with you, and enjoy one of the hardest-earned pleasures once can have in Malta – some silence by the sea.


Overcrowded Beach In Malta

2. Walk outside in a T-shirt without turning into a sweaty mess

This one’s a scream. Malta can get a little, well, warm. Hot, it gets hot, really hot. If you aren’t one of those people that can spend their Summer seasons coasting from one air-conditioned box to another. If you’re one of those people that absolutely goes to pieces in the sun, then go outside now while you still can.

Eventually, even the lightest of strolls can feel like a hard days work. Dress up, go all out on the nice outfits that you won’t wear in Summer because you know they’ll get ruined.

With beautiful sceneries around the country, Malta provides the best platform to walk as one of the things to do in Malta during June.


3. Look at wildflowers while you still can

Flowers don’t last long under our sunny skies, so if you want to take pictures of flowers, or look at them with your naked eye, then now is the best time to do so.

There’s a reason Catholics offer flowers up to Mary in May, and it’s not because they will last forever.

It may sound obvious, but actually taking time to wake up and smell the roses (or daisies) is probably something you haven’t done in a while, and it can be surprisingly pleasant. You could go and sniff a sunflower, except that sunflowers don’t have a scent; but you probably didn’t know that, right?

So take your camera out, and prepare to take some pictures of the flowers in Malta during June.

Wild Flowers Malta

4. Tag friends of yours stuck in the library in photos of you doing fun things

June is exam season in Malta. Students flock to libraries and try liking coffee again so that they may feel more confident about their chances at passing their upcoming exams.

They’ll hole themselves up with a laptop and intermittently post about their break-downs and long hours onto social media. The least you could do is show your support: by showing them what they’re missing out on.

Students At The Library

5. Play Outdoor Team Sports

A theme is developing and for good reason. Enjoying the brevity of the Springtime is the definition of seizing the day. Being able to enjoy the outdoors without turning into a sodden mess is a scarce opportunity that shrewd investors would act on.

If this really isn’t your thing, there’s one item on this list that definitely doesn’t feature being outside and enjoying the best weather we possibly could in Malta during June.

Final Words

Being a luxurious country you can find plenty of things to do in Malta during June. From restaurants to beaching it.

Please leave us your suggestions below and check out our taaable website and the blog for interesting stuff about Malta!

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