Are you wondering if it’s possible to eat for €2o or less in Malta?

The answer is, yes you can! There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Malta at all price ranges.

Here is a list of restaurants where you can eat for €20 or less!

Temptasia Malta

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For when you are in the mood for Asian fusion cuisine and don’t want to spend a fortune, Temptasian is an Asian restaurant where you can eat for €20 or less.

In the heart of Sliema, TemptAsian offers a variety of different Asian foods to choose from, all at a reasonable price point. You can even mix and match tastes and flavours for a diverse and affordable meal.

For instance, you can get 18 rolls of sushi or you can order a vegetable curry and a veggie platter for €20 which is enough food for two people.


The Avenue Malta

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The Avenue

Hey mambo, mambo Italiano!

Want to enjoy mouth-watering Italian food for €20 or less? Then The Avenue is the perfect place to go to do so!

You can get a small Margherita pizza for under €4, garlic bread & cheese for less than €4, fresh calamari for €8 and so much more! You could really choose a big variety of different dishes and share with your family or friends for less than €20 easily.


Nargile Lounge Malta

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Nargile Lounge

Nargile Lounge in Marsascala is one of the best restaurants on the island for traditional Indian and Arabian food for €20.

Here you can order a traditional Moroccan Harira soup, hummus and an Indian chicken tikka masala for €20, all made with traditional spices and techniques as well as with fresh ingredients.

After your meal, you can also go to their lounge for some flavoured tobacco and fresh, traditional tea.

Cafe Jubilee, Malta

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Cafe Jubilee

Cafe Jubilee is a place where you can go to any time of the day with your friends, family or colleagues to enjoy some tasty food and drinks for a bargain!

You can get several traditional Maltese plates for 15 EURO and less or share a platter for €7 to €18 depending on what your taste buds are and what the platters have to offer.

They also have tasty and filling burgers 9 EURO that are served with french fries on the side!

You can also get desserts, pasta, sandwiches and coffees here all for under €20.


Pure, Vegan Restaurant in Malta

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You can also enjoy tasty and healthy food for 20 EURO or less at PURE in Sliema.

At PURE you can get a vegan hotdog and a vegan burger for just €20! That’s a great deal, considering it’s health food all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

They have other food besides vegan food here that is also under €20 like the salmon, poached egg and guacamole for just €6!

This place is a must try!


Naar Restobar, Malta

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NAAR Restobar

First of all, the location is epic at NAAR Restobar, sitting right on the water at Spinola Bay!

This place has an extensive menu, including a full vegan menu as well as a brunch menu.

You can get a fresh salmon and asparagus salad for €15 or a warm, delicious risotto by the sea for €13.50-15.50  depending on the catch of the day.

There is also a variety of pizzas available on the menu all for less than €20.

As for the vegan menu, there is not a single item that exceeds €20.


Salad at the Summer kitchen Malta

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The Summer Kitchen

The Summer Kitchen does have more pricey items on the menu, however, you can still enjoy a delicious meal for €20 or less at this location.

Let’s start with pizza, because who doesn’t love pizza, right? All pizzas are between €10 and €13.

There is also a selection of various burgers ranging from €15 and €18.

You can indulge in a delicious, fresh squid ink or pesto pasta for no more than €18!

You can also opt for several small dishes to savour different tastes at once for €5 to €7 a plate which means you can get between 3 to 4 dishes at a time!

Spare ribs at the Mama Mia Restaurant

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Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia has a large selection to choose from on the menu. There are some dishes that cost a bit over €20, however, most other dishes you can get for €20 or less!

Starters and salads cost 10 EURO or less so if you want something light you could order a starter and a salad and call it a day!

If you want something heavier and more filling, you can order ribs for €15 to €18 depending on if you want a half or full rack.

Burgers, pasta and pizzas all range from €6 to €100. All the dishes here are a great value as they are made with the freshest ingredients that the island has to offer!


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find some great places where you can eat for €20 or less in Malta!

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