Welcome to you, restaurant owners! 🙂 If you’re looking to better your business, this article is for you.

Taaable is an easy to use restaurant which offers hassle-free restaurant booking for customers and restauranteurs at a finger tip.

Here we have listed a few reasons why we believe Taaable can benefit your restaurant. 

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1. Taaable Is The First Of Its Kind

There is no other website out there on the Maltese market that is like Taaable.

As mentioned, Taaable aims to give customers an easy way of reserving a table at a restaurant and saving restaurant owners the unnecessary hassle of handling telephone calls and any misunderstandings and time wasted that come with it.


2. 24 Hour Bookings For You And Your Customers

Through Taaable, your customers will have access to 24 hour booking. Can you even begin to imagine all the potential clients you can gain by being so easily accessible?

All the customers need to do is log onto our site, find your restaurant, and make a booking at your restaurant.

So even if your establishment is closed, you can still gain customers outside of the usual working hours.

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3. Instant Management And Booking Entry

Taaable’s booking service offers easy booking management for restaurant owners.

All bookings on Taaable’s system are easy to manage whether it’s through a phone call, walk-in or online reservation.

This can help avoid overbooking tables, table booking mix-ups or unnecessary hassles for you and your customers.


4. Increased Awareness Of Your Restaurant

If Taaable continues to see an influx of restaurants using its service, it’s very likely that with it will come eager customers hunting down restaurants for their dining experience.

And with more people visiting Taaable, it means that more people will come across your restaurant.

This is great publicity and advertising and lets customers know that booking a seat at your restaurant will be hassle free.


5. Constant Advertising

We will be constantly pushing and promoting our site and with it the restaurants that are signed up to our service.

We want to plug all the restaurants on our website and get their name out there so customers can know just how great they are and try out your restaurants for themselves.

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6. Less Phone Calls So You Can Focus On Your Restaurant

One of the biggest inconveniences is having a restaurant full of customers and having your attention divided between them and incoming phone calls with potential customers.

Taaable can help you eliminate incoming phone calls without losing potential customers.

Through our easy to use online booking system clients can choose the day, time, and amount of people in their party, and the system will let them know if the booking is possible.

This is a major load of your shoulders so you can focus on the people in your establishment and provide them with the customer service you believe they deserve.

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7. Access From Anywhere

Our Taaable website is easily accessible anywhere, on any device – and with multiple users. If a person is out and about and a friend casually mentions that they want to try your restaurant, they can whip out their phone and book a table through our website.

Multiple users can also book your restaurant at the same time, taking away from the waiting line that is usually present when a customer calls up your establishment and never manages to get through due to the line always busy.


8. Keep Your Tables Constantly Filled

By having a direct feed of guests coming through the Taaable website your tables will always be filled.

Customers want access to restaurants that are easy to book and with no hassles whatsoever.

They don’t want to wait on a call as you check if you have a table available.

So let us cover that for you. Potential customers will easily flow through our site to fill up your tables.


9. Detailed Customer Database

When signing up for our Taaable booking service, you will be provided with a detailed customer database that will flag returning users and allow you to then market to them directly.

Through seeing who your customers are and who are repeat customers, this will help you focus your marketing efforts and hit those who would be directly interested, rather than marketing to all and gaining nothing.


10. Welcome To The Future 

Technology is constantly advancing and this means that your establishment also needs to keep up with the times.

The majority of people nowadays all research online the establishment they want to book before they actually reserving a table.

Through using Taaable, you will be establishing your restaurant as an establishment that knows what people want. Easy to use, quick bookings, no hassle. Your first impression is everything.


These are our 10 reasons why we think your restaurant should join Taaable.

If you’re interested or have any questions about Taaable get in contact with us.

We would love to speak with you and work together to make your booking easy.

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